Welcome to our online tenancy application. If you have seen a property you wish to rent then please call us to pay your holding deposit. Once you have done this you should enter your details here.

By completing this process, you acknowledge that the information you provide may be used for the purposes of credit referencing. You agree that we may search the files of a credit reference agency and we may keep a record of that information. Unless obliged to do so by law, we will not pass the information to any other party without your consent (excluding parties mentioned in the tenancy agreement, for example utility and telephony companies, local councils and the landlord).

By providing these details, you confirm that you have sought permission from your guarantor*, landlord* and employer* for you and the credit reference company to contact them and in the case of the guarantor* credit check them.

I declare that the information I have provided on this form is true and correct, and hereby authorise you to verify the details given and to seek references as required, including a banker’s reference and a credit check. I understand that these details will be passed to my prospective landlord only and will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act, this does not represent any offer or contract of any nature. I further understand that if you decline to offer me a tenancy no explanation will be given.

By clicking next you agree to these terms and conditions and by proceeding with this application the tenant accepts that all tenancy related documents can be served via email

Please forward any supporting documents to adminpm@daisylets.uk if you will be in a property managed directly by us, otherwise please send to lettings@daisylets.uk

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